Ms.SRAVYA (BCTCA 5TH sem) is a dedicated and diligent, young aspirant who is exceptionally good at her culinary arts. IIHMCA has selected her as the Chef of the Day.


  • 450 gms Refined flour
  • 10 gms Cooking soda
  • 60 gms Ghee
  • 50 ml Curd
  • 3 gms Salt
  • 2 lits Oil, for frying


To make Sugar Syrup:

  • 600 gms Sugar
  • 20 ml Milk
  • 5 gms Elaichi powder
  • 300 ml Water

For the garnish:

  • 50 gms Cream
  • 50 gms Khoya
  • 2 nos Silver warq


  1. Mix flour and cooking soda in a large bowl. Add ghee to the flour and rub with fingers till it becomes crumbly.
  2. Whisk the curd and add it to the crumbled flour and mil well.
  3. Sprinkle with water, 5 ml each, and knead the dough till it is soft. It should still have flaky texture.
  4. Cover with a wet cloth and rest it for 1 hr.
  5. Divide the dough into small balls of 2 inches and start making rough shape.
  6. Green the hand with oil. Using the palm of hand, rotate the dough ball in clockwise direction to form the layers. Make a dent in the middle, using the thumb.
  7. Heat ghee or oil in a deep pan and bring it down to medium heat.
  8. Once the oil is hot, slide in the balu shahi dough balls, 4-5 at a time, and deep fry on low heat initially. Once the balu shahi will start floating as they start cooking.
  9. Flip it to the other side, and cook it till its golden brown.
  10. Remove from the oil and place it in a strainer. After frying all the balu shahis, rest it for a few minutes.
  11. In the meantime, mic sugar and water in a thick pan and boil it till sugar syrup reaches one string consistency.
  12. Add milk to the syrup and all it to boil for some time.
  13. Scum off impurities and clear the syrup.
  14. Soak the balu shahis in the syrup for 30 mins and drain the syrup out and place the balu shahis in a tray put up at an inclined position.
  15. Continuously coat the balu shahi with the drained sugar syrup.
  16. Arranged the balu shahi in a tray and garnish with slivers of pistachio khoya cooked in cream.